Careducation Programme

Our Careducation Programme is a three-pronged approach to career development and has a focus on Career Support (Reflections and Development), Career Education (Structured Training), and Career Transformation (Experiential Learning).

Delivered by seasoned recruiters with over 15 years of experience and experienced career coaches with a solid combination of industry knowledge and recruitment expertise, the Careducation Programme offers the opportunity to receive professional career advice and valuable industry insights that will assist you in your job search.

Career Support (Reflections and Development)

The myriad of options out there can be overwhelming for job seekers at any level. With the Careducation Programme, you will receive wholesome support from consummate professional career coaches who can help you gain fresh awareness of your goals, values and growth as you embark on your career development journey.

Career Education (Structured Training)

As you become more self-aware through personality assessments, the second prong is to cultivate the vital skills – both hard and soft ones – that will put you in good stead at the modern workplace. Careducation provides a structured curriculum that will develop various aspects and facets of each candidate so that you grow into a well-rounded employee, leader or entrepreneur.

Career Transformation (Experiential Learning)

No career is perfect and ready-made from the get-go. Many professionals spend years sculpting their dream career and working their way towards that. One way to arrive at that stage of actualization, you need to first envision the ideal career before deciding what skills and qualifications you need in order to excel.

Another way to create your dream career is by exploration and experiential learning. By exploring all possible avenues and acquiring a broad range of skill sets, you can then determine the best route for your career.

Careducation is a holistic program that aims to prepare job seekers in all aspects of career readiness and to create a new generation of workforce that is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the future.

Job seekers with working experience have the option to customize a program package to cover salient topics in their career search. Students or fresh graduates are advised to walk through the whole program journey with us so learning can be maximized.

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Every single journey that I have embarked on, I have learned something new.

- Shailene Woodley

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