Our Story

We really, really love our candidates, and CARETITUDE® was born as a result.

CARETITUDE®, is a portmanteau of two different words – CARE and ATTITUDE. That’s essentially who we are, a team created with a 360˚ candidate care ethos and who embraces an attitude of care for all who seek our help.

We were set up in 2016 in parallel to the services which our company, CTES® Consulting Pte Ltd, an Executive Search and Recruitment firm, provides. In more than 15 years of operations, CTES® has amassed a strong database of candidates and job opportunities with reputable clients. As we grow, we begin to question ourselves on what we can do more for our candidates on top of job placements.

In our work, we have encountered and experienced the emotional rollercoaster that job seeking can bring. While everyone’s life, education, and professional situation is different, the pains of job seeking are universally understood. CARETITUDE® aims to shrink that fear and ease the struggle by lending the helping hand though support, education, and transforming the career search process.

Since we were established, we have branched very deep into the full spectrum of candidate care with our main focus on career discovery, coaching, and advisory. We have worked with thousands of job seekers and assisted them in some of the most challenging endeavors of their lives. The work we do is now in full force today and constantly reinforces our mantra in Enriching Lives, Empowering Futures, Elevating Generations.

We will continue to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in career preparation in Singapore and the region and will be at the forefront to advance our expertise in career preparation and to deliver exceptional acuity in this area.

Our Vision




Our Mission

Invigorate the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

Inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brand and action.

Create career-life awareness and turn dreams into reality.

Help people reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Our Values






Achieving the extraordinary, for you, and with you.

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