Career Coaching Workshops

Are you looking for a new career? Looking for a career switch? More room for progress?
Greater challenges? What should you do? What should you NOT do?

Let us tell you the stories, tips, and tricks to enhance your career preparedness and to help you get employed or to find a new role!
Our workshops are run publicly in which you can network with fellow job seekers like yourselves.

Pick Up Critical Skills Valued in The
Modern Workplace

To succeed in your job search, it’s important to understand the skills that will take you forward as a valuable potential employee. Our career coaches have experience in identifying the skills you’ll need to ensure that you are prepared for the roles you intend to apply to.

Gain Confidence and Identify Your Value

Our coaches will assess your background, experience and skill set to identify your value proposition, hone the presentation of your unique value, and help you stand out from other candidates. Along the way, our coach will also help you develop confidence in yourself and what you bring to the table.

Build A Strong Resume

Spamming multiple companies with your resume is rarely effective. Instead, you need to build a resume that demonstrates your understanding of the organization’s needs and the role you’re applying to, as well as why you’re the right candidate.

Our career coach will guide you in communicating how your skills and experience can bring value to the role and company, thus giving your resume an edge over others.

Set Goals and Make Informed Decisions for Your Career

Need guidance on achieving your short- and long-term career goals?

Whether you decide on a career switch or scaling the corporate ladder, our career coach will help you figure out the right steps to advance and develop your career and to create benchmarks to help you make steady progress towards your ultimate career goals.

Character and Career Exploration

Using the MBTI® Tool to understand ourselves better and to have a better grasp of the many ways which we are all different, ways which we are the same, and the many gifts we share

Explore and understand your interests, aptitudes, and work-related values

Develop an action plan for personal and professional development

Guidance on career choice, progression and management

Building Cloud Connections

Create and cultivate a professional brand on social networking sites

Build strategic online presence

Discover top social and professional networking sites and how you can use these to enhance your career and boost your job search

Understand how employers hire through social media

Surviving the Resume Blackhole

Developing a resume value proposition reflecting your work story

Anatomy of a resume

Tricks to make your resume better than the average

Various resume formats - what works and what doesn't?

From Shy to Shine

Key traits of successful networkers and common networking pitfalls

Full suite of networking preparation

Identify who to connect with and how to carry a conversation successfully

Follow up and create a personal strategy for maintaining effective business relationships

Can You Tell Me More About Yourself?

Preparing for your interviews

Understanding the types of interviewers

Answer interview questions impactfully and meaningfully

Participate in mock interviews and experience being an interviewer, interviewee, and appraiser


The Power of Perception

Develop a positive mindset and winning mentality

Inject clarity and cadence into vocals

Practicing your confidence stance

Creating your signature style

Art and Science of the Deal

Quantifying the market value of your education, skills, and experience

Defining your salary thresholds

Create persuasive responses and strategic pitches in response to salary offers

Practice your negotiation skills

Corporate Decorum

Qualities and characteristics of a working professional

What do you do when no one is looking?

Practice acts of kindness

Culture of Advocacy VS Culture of Enquiry

Developing a growth mindset

Conflict Management

Appropriate written, visual, and digital communication

Get career tips and advice from our career coaches and take your career to new heights. CARETITUDE® provides personalized career coaching, career workshops and career matching services to help raise your employability and guide you every step of the way in your career and job search journey.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

- George Elliot

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